The massage master from the New York massage agency would tell people the good effect of the belly massage

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - New York - The massage to people¡¯s belly should be very beneficial to people¡¯s healthy. However, the Chinese traditional medical has indicated that the belly massage could help people enrich the internal organs, expelling all evil exogenous and clear hundreds of disease. On the other hand, the Modern medicine has also admitted that the belly massage could help to increase the blood flowing volume of abdominal and intestinal smooth muscle. And then, the increasing of blood volume could increases increase the tension of gastrointestinal wall muscle, the function of lymphatic system and secretary function of other organs such as gastrointestinal. From all of these functions, people¡¯s food digestion, absorption and excretion could be highly enhanced. And, it could significantly improve the motility of e intestine and eliminate the constipation.

The expert from massage in NYC which website is has said that the often and subtly belly massage could allows the gastrointestinal tract produce sufficient quantities of prostaglandins which can help people effectively prevent excessive gastric acid secretion and it can prevent the occurrence of peptic ulcer.

On the other hand, for the woman who wants to make themself have good body figure, the belly massage can also reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat. This is because that the belly rubbing can stimulate the peripheral nerves and the efforts of the severity of different massage speed could speed up the capillary blood flow in the abdominal wall and promote the fat consumption. The belly massage could also help to prevent human potbellied which would help people receive satisfactory weight loss.

The frequently belly rubbing would also help people maintain the joy spirit. If people could have belly massage ny rubbing and pressing before their sleeping, it would help people prevent insomnia and let them have good sleeping. For people who are suffering from arteriosclerosis, hypertension and cerebrovascular disease, the rubbing for people¡¯s abdomen can help them have the inner peace and promote their blood circulation. This could play a good role of adjuvant therapy.

The massage master from massage in NYC has said that the best time for the belly massage should be before falling asleep at night and wake up at the morning. Before the belly massage, people should firstly empty their urine and clean their hands and then they should have knees buckling and body relaxing. The step for the belly rubbing should be simple. People should first put their left hand on the abdomen which palms should be faced with the navel and then the right hand should be stacked on the left hand. People should first use their hand to circle with clockwise direction around the umbilical for about 50 times and then circling about 50 times with the counterclockwise direction. In the rubbing process, people should pay more attention to the naturally breathe.The long term training would help people receive good effect.

However, if people do not want to have enough time to have this kind of massage, they could go to the massage therapy nyc professional massage shop such as massage in NYC which website is to find this well service.

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