Free Memory Cleaner for windows 7 8 xp Is Now Offered with GiveAway

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - November 8, 2013 - Airy Memory Cleaner is the most excellent memory optimizer & game boosting software is now offered with give away. This software is currently free to download so all computer users may get advantage of its benefits.

This software has been recognized as one of the best tools to use in enhancing the performance of computers. It is packed with exciting features that computer users may not find in any other software programs created with the same purpose.

Airy Memory Cleaner is used to make personal computers run smoothly, faster and better. This is the best tool recommended for those people who desire to optimize the performance of their computers. It can also be used to cleanse the systemís fragmentation with less effort providing more convenience to users in doing the job. This software is currently considered as the most exceptional memory enhancement tool which is bound to support the personal computers to run efficiently.

This will be made possible by enhancing some of the main components that Windows 7 and Vista as well as Windows XP. The software will help them in saving their time while it makes old computers operate in the same with the new ones.

This tool is specifically designed to deal with the most complicated problems when it comes to memory management. The developers of this particular software guarantee that it can improve the speed level of the computerís running system for as much as 90%. However, the effect may still remain dependent on the computerís performance and the game that users would like to be boosted. Airy Memory Cleaner is currently offered in 2 options. The first one is getting a single key which involves the freedom to share homepage to various social sites. The other choice is when the users distribute the home page to forums, blog and articles, they will get a home version key for free which comes with limitless users count.

The developers of the said software are expecting that computer users will be enticed to visit the official website of this tool to get more information about the giveaway.

Airy Memory Cleaner is among the most useful tools that computer users can use for their PCs. This software is designed to clean up the memory of the computersí system to make their processing faster and better. This software is currently free to download.

To get more information about Airy Memory Cleaner, please feel free to visit

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