Former Southern California Edison Employee Lee Trotman Shows Excellence in Volunteering with Alzheimer's Association

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - After being inspired by the commitment of Southern California Edison (SCE) to a variety of charitable organizations, Lee Trotman has continued to support a number of causes, including the Alzheimer’s Association. During his time as an employee with SCE, Trotman was encouraged by the company to participate in causes that benefit society and has continued to support these causes ever since.

The Alzheimer’s Association is of particular importance to Trotman due to the extent of the work the organization is doing to raise awareness and to improve the research efforts relating to this very serious condition. Several of Trotman’s peers at SCE had family members who experienced the effects of Alzheimer’s and it was these colleagues who encouraged Trotman to offer his support through volunteer work. After seeing the work being done by the Alzheimer’s Association, Trotman recognized that this was a cause very deserving of consistent support.

“Alzheimer’s has affected so many families in Southern California, the United States and the world,” says Trotman. “It is incredibly important to not just raise awareness of the impact that this condition has on people and on families, but to support more extensive research to identify and develop better treatment options and, ultimately, a cure.”

Trotman notes that the work of a single volunteer such as himself can only do so much, and that there is a great deal of additional support that is still needed. The Alzheimer’s Association has achieved quite a bit in terms of advancing its cause, but Trotman believes there is much more that can be done through the efforts of an expanded volunteer base.

“Nearly everyone in this country either knows or will know someone who is directly affected by Alzheimer’s, and it is vital that we do what we can now so that we can make a difference and provide a better outlook for those who are affected by this condition,” says Trotman. “If all you can give is your time, that is more than enough. The cause simply needs greater support.”

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