Joe Olujic Features 100% Unique Tweets on Twitter Account

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - While most of the financial professionals using Twitter post headlines with links to their subscription-only websites or simply re-Tweet information posted by other finance professionals, Joe Olujic has adopted a completely different approach by posting only 100 percent unique Tweets to his Twitter account, . The account features his unfiltered professional insights and Mr. Olujic has demonstrated he is unafraid to speak his mind when it comes to any number of subjects.

“What’s the point of having this platform if you are only going to regurgitate information that is freely available elsewhere or post intriguing-but-vague headlines that require you to pay a subscription fee just to access the information?” Olujic said in response to the many Twitter accounts that do not bother with originality. “When I decided to join the Twitter community, I did so with the goal of engaging an audience and providing them with valuable information that is both practical and accessible.”

Mr. Olujic’s Twitter account focuses on issues related to his specific area of expertise – finance – and he only occasionally ventures into subjects that are not somehow related to finance. According to Olujic, he feels it is important that his account is used as a platform in which ideas and information are exchanged and not as some personal promotional tool.

“My goal with the account is to promote knowledge and ideas that relate to finance, not to advance my professional career or raise my industry status,” says Olujic. “I want to share information with my audience that is entirely unique so that we can all benefit in our financial pursuits. My industry reputation speaks for itself, so my only hope for the Twitter account is that it allows me to make the complexities of finance that much more accessible for those who follow my account.”

Olujic regularly engages his followers on finance-related subjects and has delivered on his promise to ensure that his Twitter account remains 100 percent unique. An honest and forthright Twitter user, Mr. Olujic is something of a rarity in the Twitter community, which he feels is a good thing.

“I have always made every effort to be honest and direct in all of my business dealings, and I feel it is important to extend this philosophy to my Twitter account as well,” says Olujic.

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