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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA - FaceBook is probably the most famous social media platform where people from all corners of the world interact with each other, share news and entertaining content. One of the most commonly shared media on FaceBook is videos and now with the new and recently launched Free FaceBook Downloader, one can easily download their favorite videos from FaceBook!

What the Free FaceBook video Downloader does is it makes it possible for users to download FaceBook videos onto their computers or other storage devices which can then be viewed in MP4 format. So, basically this software downloads the videos and converts them into MP4 formats so that they can be easily viewed on other devices. This software comes with a number of attractive features. Firstly it is free and secondly this software doesn't have to be installed on one's computer. It works more like a desktop application and can be downloaded and used quite quickly.

Another great feature about this software is its clean interface. It is very simple to use and gets the job done quite quickly depending on the speed on one's internet connection. All one has to do is provide the Free FaceBook Downloader with the URL of the video that needs to be downloaded, select the "Get Links" options and finally select the folder where the final output is to be stored. And within a few minutes the software downloads the video, stores it to the desired location after converting it to MP4 format. Hence this is a simple to use and quick tool all FaceBook video lovers should have.

About Free FaceBook Downloader

The software is basically easy to download and use, free of cost and takes very little time to downloadthe videos. The downloaded videos are available in MP4 format and hence can be viewed on any other devices too.

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