Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi : Professor-in-Chief (Science- Biased Medicine)

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The Alternative Medicine Campaign has publicly confirmed that Joseph Obi is to serve as it's (First-Ever) Professor-in-Chief ; with Immediate Effect.

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi is the World's Most Controversial Medical Doctor - who is widely regarded as the Founding Father of "Science -Biased Medicine" (as per a Much More Befitting Description of the Overzealous Underbelly of "Science-Based Medicine").

According to Doctor Obi : "There is a World of Total Difference between Science-Based

Medicine and Science -Biased Medicine ; most especially when Clinical Medicine is actually an Advanced Form of Art , rather than a (Predictable) Perfect Science."

With an Amazing Clinical Career spanning across Generations , Dr Obi is that One Particular Physician who Scientists (Viscerally) Fear the Most.

Professor Obi will provisionally serve an Initial Term of 12 Years ; with a Fundamental Remit relating to the (Evidence-Based) Clobbering of Skeptic (Science-Biased) Fraternity.

When not engaged in Clinical Matters , Dr Joseph Obi loves to Unwind by spending some of his Spare Time as a Celebrity Gossip Cartoonist with the Perez Kardashian Blog ( ; plus a few other Cheeky Little Political Websites.

The Official LinkedIn Profile of Prof Obi is currently situated at

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