Aims to Make Indian Cams Chat the New Sensation on the Web

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA -, an online live chat portal, recently announced that their Indian cams have already gone live on the web, adding that these cams are specifically targeted at lonely men the world over. The owners fleshed out that the Indian cam chatting enthusiasts are mostly their patrons, whereas a thin minority of the online chatting community displays inclination towards BBW cam chatting and tranny cam chatting as well.

The owners of the online chat portal said that they have seen Indian cam chatting rising to popularity quite meteorically during recent times. They asserted that the launch of Indian cams chatting portal is a strategic move and that they expect the membership counts to rise phenomenally in the coming weeks. They also maintained that the live chat portal is specifically designed for men over 18 years of age and minors are not allowed to use the site. The owners added that they ran a recruitment drive for a couple of months prior to launching the chat portal and they have managed to rope in some of the most gorgeous Indian divas in the process.

One of the owners of appeared before the press in last month and said that the primary challenge before them now is to keep the site free from spammers and fake accounts. He said that fake accounts is a major headache of online chat portal owners these days as it is not always possible to verify each and every profile.

“Many Indian cams chatting portals have failed miserably in appearing on top search results as they could not deliver on their promises. Many of those sites are infested with fake profiles and spammers. Keeping this in mind, we have adopted a watertight privacy policy and have laid out stringent terms and conditions for new members. We check each and every profile, verify and then allow our new members to enter the community”, said the CEO of Indianshellac,.com, a chatting portal that has started to become popular among Indian cams chatting enthusiasts.

About the Company is an online chatting portal that only caters to Indian cams chatting patrons.

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