$100M's Market! WeeTect Is Going To Be The Leading Supplier Of Anti-fog Visor Inserts - Recruiting Distributors!

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - WeeTect has today announced that it will be recruiting new product distributors worldwide for anti-fog visor inserts . This announcement comes 30 days after the company had recruited distributors for their American and European markets. All companies/individuals that are interest are expected to submit their applications before November 20, 2015.

WeeTect products

The company has a variety products and applications on eye and face protection solutions:

- Helmet visors; these include motorcycle, hockey, full face respirator, football, racing goggles, anti-fog insert and pilot visors.
- Face shield; these include medical, riot, ballistic, bionic, UV and safety face shield visors
- Auto-darkening welding helmets; other products in this category include custom welding helmets, auto darkening welding lens and welding lens cover.
- Plastic mirrors; these include two ways, plastic, polycarbonate, fog free and acrylic mirrors
- Tint film; these include security, frosted, UV, anti-scratch, IR blocking and a one way mirror films
- Coating and plastic sheet; the sub categories include anti-fog, anti-fog & anti-scratch, UV resistant polycarbonate, anti-finger print and abrasion resistant coating.

The companies that are interested in becoming WeeTect official distributors for the anti-fog visor inserts will also benefit from a wide range of products. The company aims at availing a wide range of products to its distributors.

Qualifications and requirements

To become a WeeTect distributor of anti-fog visor inserts, the company has outlined certain criteria that the applicants should meet. There are a number of aspects that the company will consider and these include:

Due diligence; there are a number of aspects that the company shall consider and these include:

- WeeTect will review the financial reports of the applicants. Therefore, the applicants must submit CERTIFIED copies of their financial reports/audited reports or an equivalent of the same. The company will also conduct a credit check. This aims at ensuring that the company is in a position to run the business without being declared bankrupt or having financial problems
- The company should be a legal entity that has been registered within the geographical location where the company/individual intends to operate the business.
- A list of products that the company is currently selling or supplying
- The number of sales staff or sales representatives

Market; the company should clearly indicate the geographical locations where it supplies its products. It is important that the applicant indicate the period they have been in the industry and the network they have created in the market. It is important that there should be a document to ascertain these claims. NOTE: WeeTect will not base its decisions on assumptions or speculations but, the approved copies of the documents the company submits. It is also important to include marketing policies.

Infrastructure; these include a wide range of mechanisms and tools the company uses to sell its products. These include adequate warehouse, stock control, communication facilities, etc.

Sale records; the company should provide an approved copy of documents that indicate their progress in the market. This may include revenue or any data that indicate their sales volume.

NOTE: These requirements do not aim at favoring any particular company or individuals. WeeTect is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits any act that may disadvantage other companies or individuals. These requirements will be used by the company to gauge the performance and organize their training schedule.

WeeTect will have a 3 week induction program where all successful company sales representative will be trained about the WeeTect anti-fog visor inserts and other products. They will be equipped with the technical skills they need to facilitate their sales campaigns. The company will also cater for all logistics or costs that may be involved in the process.

About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited’s mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993, the company has ventured in quite a number of industrial applications. By 1998, they have delivered their first 1 million visors besides investing $3 million for a military face shield. In 2005, the company supplied a number of pilot visor equipment for the Chinese government. This company has registered significant growth over the past few years and it's still growing. For more information:

Songjiang, Shanghai, China

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