When art comes to life; SiOTT Gallery introduces American artist Roanne Martin

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 21st Oct 2015 - It’s all about making magic when Switzerland based Roanne Martin takes brush to canvas. With a childlike curiosity of ‘what happens if’; Roanne’s process is like piecing together a puzzle until that illuminating moment when the art takes over and life is created within the canvas itself.

“At any given moment, I have the sense that there is another entity in the canvas. It is at this moment that the canvas becomes a "being" — completely.”

Although Roanne has a final image in her mind when she begins a new piece, unlike most artists who will struggle to make the painting what they want, she will allow the ‘entity’ within the canvas to take over. This often means that the painting will evolve into something very different than what was first imagined!

“I know it sounds a little “zen” but it is a lot better than banging my head on the wall!”

SiOTT Gallery are renowned for being an innovative art gallery and agency for emerging artists with the ambition of making art accessible to more people. They choose to only work with contemporary artists whose work is ‘effortlessly compelling with a unique perspective’.

Roanne is certainly unique in her approach to making art. Rather than wake early and head to the studio each day like many artists, Roanne prefers to let inspiration strike whenever and wherever that might be! From working throughout the night to painting over the kitchen stove (unlit, of course), Roanne will adapt her approach to suit her work in that moment and feels this prevents her work from becoming too ‘typical’.

‘I become bored rather quickly and once I have done a series or a few similar paintings, I move on. One could say that this is proof that I have no typical ‘style’ of painting but others have said that whatever I paint, they realise that I am the artist.”

Working with a variety of mediums Roanne discovered her love for oil although she will mix it up and play around with other materials like silver powder and ink. It’s this playful nature to her work that keeps Roanne’s collection so varied and unique.

SiOTT are delighted to have Roanne Martin join the gallery and introducing her work to as wide an audience as possible.

To contact the gallery for further enquiries, please call 0845 852 0151 or email info@siottgallery.com, www.siottgallery.com

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