A New Site That Helps Authors With Unpublished Books And Readers Who Love Books

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Authors Can Receive Early Review Requests Also With The Help Of Bookscomingsoon.com


Authors who are coming out with new books as well as readers who love books may be glad with the news that bookscomingsoon.com can help them. The site helps authors in promoting their unpublished books, and as far as readers are concerned, the site helps them by providing them with the information about the new books that are being brought out.

The site also allows authors to receive early review requests for their unpublished books. This allows authors to receive important feedback and reviews as early as possible in the publication cycle. Publisher Derek Vasconi, who is the creator of Bookscomingsoon.com, adds that “authors can get their books featured in the monthly newsletter which is sent to the readers who subscribe to them.” Currently, the site already has a subscriber list of 2,000 readers, in just a few weeks of the site being in existence, and this number continues to grow daily.

Readers can visit the site and find unpublished books in the genre they are interested in, and they can find out where to pre-order these books or request to receive an ARC for either a beat read or review. Some of the readers may be interested in author interviews, and the site plans to accumulate interviews with first time authors who would like exposure for themselves, and with established authors who want to promote their latest books coming out.

Derek Vasconi further adds that “listings on the site is free, but we do offer upgrade packages as well.” If authors don’t want to select an upgrade, the free book listing can also be very useful because an author will have a personal advanced reader request form right on their book's page. Their book will also be listed in their monthly newsletter every month until the day the book is published.

About Bookscomingsoon.com

Bookscomingsoon.com helps both authors who have unpublished books and readers who love books. The site was started by publisher Derek Vasconi, who founded a traditional, independent publishing company, and has published over 30 books with the company, including 8 best sellers on Amazon. Additionally, Derek is also an author himself. KAI, his debut book, is a fiction horror book set in Japan and Chicago. It’s due out January 6th, 2016. Derek created Books Coming Soon as a direct response to the publishing industry having a lack of resources for authors who are looking to promote their unpublished books.

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