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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Troy, MI - Mobile phones have been one of the most popular products purchased online for several years now, and with the advent of smart phones for all budgets, their sales have gone through the roof. New records are being set each quarter, and e-commerce portals are ordering larger quantities from manufacturers to be able to maintain sufficient stocks. In addition to the general e-commerce stores, there are hundreds of online stores that deal exclusively with mobiles and mobile accessories. It has been observed that a new store is launching in the niche every hour on average!

Each genre of products has a different shopping style. When customers want to buy skincare products, they often know exactly what they’re looking for. Most of the times, they come in straight with a brand name and a price point in mind, and complete the transaction. For products like cell phones , however, they mostly come in with an open mind. There are a certain sets of features that they would like in their devices, and they have a vague budget in mind. The rest of the decision is often taken live while browsing on the site and that is where the makers of the online store have to step up. Comparing features and enabling filters to browse through the hundreds of models available are standard on most good e-commerce sites.

Dawns Phones has announced that they have revamped their entire portal and have enabled a whole new kind of a shopping experience on their new site. Customers will now find it much easier to add phones to the comparison cart and they will be able to see much more information at a glance. Using a smart space saver algorithm on the screen, the new site allows for a side by side comparison and a filter-on-the-fly feature that enables users to shortlist or eliminate phones as they browse through the website. The site also has an exclusive accessory section stocked with high quality products sourced from reputed manufacturers all over the world. Each mobile comes with its own pre-chosen set of accessories depending on your usage profile that the site generates, and the site’s CTO says this is a brand new feature, not currently available on any other competing store currently.

With more and more mobile models being added to the already chock-a-block catalogue, customers should look forward to such features!

For more information, visit the site at dawnsphones.com


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