Bigfoot Comics And Collectibles: The Ultimate Shopping Convenience

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The online stores offer high-quality and high-demand products as like Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles, ongoing sale items at discount and affordable prices, and free gifts and samples. They also provide unparalleled customer service and security guarantees, making sure that you can shop safely in their stores and that you don’t have to worry about the security of your credit card information.

Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles is having their GRAND OPENING at 3121 w chain of rocks road in granite city il 62040 on nov 21 and nov 22. They will be hosting their first COMIC BOOK and COLLECTIBLES SHOW on Sat Nov 28th at the same location. Dealers will be coming in from out of state with comics,coins,records,and other collectibles. Artists will be set up as well. Bigfoot Comics is only 17 minutes away from downtown St . Louis Mo. The store is open on Thurs,Friday,saturday and Sunday. They buy/sell/trade. Like PAWN STARS they never know what will come in the door. 2500 square feet of collectibles.

They have thousands of comics priced from 50 cents to thousands of dollars each. Also popular are Silver dollars and wheat pennies. Rock and Roll memorabilia,See the LIFESIZE MARILYN MONROE. MEET BIGFOOT, He guards the store. Retro TV is always on. Step back in time to a simpler happier time at BIGFOOT COMICS AND COLLECTIBLES.

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