TheTopSpotOnline Offers a New Look To Online Shopping

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Memphis, Tennessee - The innovative cashback website TheTopSpotOnline has just launched a fresh, new web design, and the benefits for members are enormous. The site is the only online affiliate platform that lets users earn cash back for their own purchases and also for the purchases of others. Recent updates to TheTopSpotOnline make it easier for members to set up personal cash back shopping sites to generate maximum cash back.

The original idea behind cash back shopping is to pay members a percentage back when they purchase goods and services through affiliate links. TheTopSpotOnline goes one step better by allowing members to broadcast their favorite deals on social media networks and earn a percentage of every purchase by friends, family and acquaintances. The enhanced properties of the new design include improvements to the user interface and a web layout that is easier to navigate.

Members can quickly find deals and create Spots to promote choice deals on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. TheTopSpotOnline allows users to personalize their Spots to keep deals private or open the lines of social media to share deals with friends and social networks. Every affiliated sale earns cash back for the Spot owner, and the more online shopping a single Spot generates, the more publicity it gets on TheTopSpotOnline.

Some of the biggest names in retail have affiliate links available on TheTopSpotOnline. Popular merchants include Walmart, NewEgg, Kohls, Macy's, Sam's Club, Naturalizer,, Starbucks, Timex and dozens more. TheTopSpotOnline members can find valuable deals for jewelry, food, bicycles, electronics, women's clothing, music, sports items and more.

Creating an account on TheTopSpotOnline is easy. New members can simply register with a Facebook account or just a few keystrokes and a password. The user interface is straightforward so members can quickly browse and select merchant deals, create affiliate spots, promote deals on social networks and collect cash back on every sale. Online shoppers are invited to visit the new and improved website to see how TheTopSpotOnline is "Changing the way you shop online."


TheTopSpotOnline is a unique cash back website with great money-making deals. Members can earn money on every purchase and share the best deals on social media to make money on the purchases of others. TheTopSpotOnline is a money-making affiliate network and a social media portal all in one website.

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Brad Jones

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