Ringofchampion.com Custom World Series Championship Ring Unveiled for Wowing Baseball Fans

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA - Ringofchampion.com, a premium destination for shopping for championship rings online, recently unveiled custom Word Series Championship ring, a brilliantly designed ring that subtly pays tribute to NY Yankees, the team that has won the World Championship for record 27 times. Ring of Champion owners said that the ring is the potential best-seller this year. However, the owners added that apart from NY Yankees, they have also designed rings for champions of different years through the history of the World Championship.

“We aim to design custom rings for each and every baseball team playing in the World Championship and the NY Yankees championship ring is just the beginning. We have plans to design custom World Series Championship Ring for other teams such as Chicago Cubs or Cincinnati Reds. We know that loyal fans of these clubs would definitely love the rings. Already, one can find a great collection of rings representing champions of different years on our store”, expressed a top marketing executive of Ring of Champion.

Ring of Champion custom world championship rings are custom-cut and designed and are featured on the e-store in a chronological order. “Starting from 1927 World Championship Ring, we have rings that pay tribute to different champions of different years. All these are prong set rings and the design of the custom ring is identical to its authentic counterpart”, added the marketing executive.

When asked about the distinguishable design aspects of different championship rings, the owners added that the rings come with the respective logos of different championship title winners. “We want to inject a sense of pride in loyal fans of different fans. They can sport these rings along with other fans gears and root for their team from the stands, in sports pubs and elsewhere. We believe that the rings will be liked by fans of all sports clubs alike. We also design custom rings for fans of clubs plying in NHL and other top-tier championships in other sports”, said the CEO of Ring of Champion.

About the Company

Ring of Champion is a well-known online retailer and manufacturer of championship rings and replica sports rings.

To know more, visit http://www.ringofchampion.com/

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