Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX) Reaches Significant New Milestone of 19 Billion barrels Traded

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - West Kowloon, Hong Kong, October 27, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - The increased interest in The Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX)'s value proposition driven by new members from Asia and their participation has contributed to the Exchange's trading performance and enabled it to hit this new milestone in August 2015, despite the current challenging conditions for the global oil markets. This achievement reinforces The Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX) Hong Kong's position as the most credible trading benchmark for the Asian crude oil markets. The Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX) contract currently is the largest physically delivered crude oil futures contract in the world.

"As the only exchange capable of bridging the most significant global crude oil corridor between the Middle East and Asia, the Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX)'s central role in providing a fair price discovery mechanism for crude oil heading east through the Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX) contract, especially during these volatile times, has never been more important," said Charles Ming Lee, Chief Executive Officer of The Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX). "The Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX) has developed a great deal of trust among customers in Asia due to its transparent trading mechanism and strong regulation. This in turn has helped the Exchange to register this impressive performance of reaching the 19 billion barrels traded milestone."

"The growth of the Asian derivatives market and the increased appetite for risk management and hedging has also benefitted the Asian Pacific Commodity Exchange (APCOMEX)," said Mr. Ming Lee. "The Exchange looks forward to establishing an ever closer relationship with our ever expanding Asian customer base in order to maintain our upward trajectory in terms of trading growth."

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