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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The recent release of the iPhone 6s and rumors of the iPhone 7 have many interested in the upgrades, and some may be considering selling their phones to finance their decision. For those who buy and resell used cellular phones, it is a chance to earn a nice profit.

Buying a used phone, however, does come with risks. Some phones are blacklisted via a global database, rendering the used phone useless on any U.S. or Canadian wireless network. For many, this realization comes too late, and they are stuck with a phone that will not work.

“Too often I have heard of people buying cell phones on Craigslist, eBay and in local papers only to learn the phone is nothing more than a paperweight,” said Shane Lyberger of, “and this is why I designed this site.”

CheckESNFree gives consumers, retailers and resellers a chance to validate a cell phone. Each cell phone has a specific serial number, similar to the ISBN on a book or a UPC code, called the ESN – electronic serial number. This number, often under the battery, identifies the specific network or carrier of that phone. Other names besides ESN include MEID and IMEI. The latter two are becoming more prevalent because carriers are running low on ESN number combinations, and MEID and IMEI are globally recognized.

The user finds the number on the phone and types that information into the website’s search bar. Results for that phone appear in seconds. The result tells the user whether or not the phone is valid, already assigned to a carrier and other relevant information. A full dictionary of terms is also available on the site, so the user does not have to leave the site.

“We have tried to cover every base we can. Our goal since day one is to protect the consumer. After all, we are all consumers and virtually everyone has a cell phone today,” continued Lyberger.

A contact form is available for users who have trouble finding their information. Contacting the carrier is also an option, but the results may vary, so several calls may be necessary.
API services across the U.S. and Canada are also available, allowing parties to communicate directly to the CheckESNFree’s server without the website.

“Our API services are programmed directly into the customer’s software, portals and user tools. This streamlines the process for larger businesses,” said Lyberger.

Those interested in finding the ESN and testing a used phone can do so at no charge. Visit CheckESNFree.

Shane Lyberger

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