King Of Clowns Poetry Presents:Sheldon Sinnamon Releasing First Collection of Poetry ‘Oceans of Ink'

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The 23-year-old poet self-publishes his first poetry collection, featuring some of his best work from the past three years.



Sheldon Sinnamon also known as King Of Clowns has had a love for the written word from the young age of sixteen. Sheldon’s way with words was apparent very early on; it was poetry that amazed him most. The poets who serve as sources of inspiration include Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac and Allan Ginsburg.

“Creative writing allows me to connect, engage, and tell a story—poetry takes things to a whole new level. It allows me to express my innermost thoughts in a way that requires more thought and depth than your average story. In as few as 100 words, I can tell a story that you can translate in anyway that speaks to you.” - Sheldon Sinnamon

Over the years Sinnamon has received many great reviews and publishing accolades, such as being chosen as a Top 10 Poet of the Year 2014 by United Press. His work has been published in United Press, Forward Poetry, and many online and off-line publications.

Having poems published individually is certainly an honour but Sinnamon has decided to stand on his own feet and publish a collection of 62+ poems titled Oceans of Ink. The compilation highlights Sinnamon’s signature style, which he describes as “descriptive and dark” and “poems that together tell the bigger story of a creative mind who struggles with depression”.

“There is certainly much light in life, but there is also a darker side that we are not always honest and open about sharing,” said Sinnamon “It is my goal that my writing will help others to feel that they are not alone.”

Oceans of Ink will be released November 5th, 2015. The 92-page paperback book is currently £8.99, and can be found online at:

Sinnamon is already planning book’s two and three. Both are titled and have a handful of poems to outline their themes. Publishers and literary agencies seeking to sponsor Oceans Of Ink and or any of Sinnamon's future work can reach him by the contacts provided below.

To contact Sheldon Sinnamon and to view a sampling of his previous work:





67 Nightingale Gardens
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