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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Today's update brings barricades for your pitched battles in the DarkScape streets.
We've also introduced taxation for Grand Exchange trades, reducing as you head out to the higher-risk areas of the game. It's more worth your while than ever to venture out into the wilder lands. mobxe.com/Darkscape.html

New Features
Barricades have been added to DarkScape:
Barricades can be made using the Fletching skill and require one log and one coil of rope.
Barricade and rope sellers have been added to Varrock (west of the church), Seers' Village (west of the bank) and the Wilderness (east side of the Bandit Camp). The shops are not shared.
Up to five barricades can be placed per player and will stay placed for up to 20 minutes.
If a player logs out or moves a significant distance away the barricade will automatically collapse.
Higher-level barricades have more health, starting at 500 and ending at 60,000
Barricades can be set on fire. Success is determined by the player's Firemaking level.
Burning barricades can be put out by pouring water on them.
Guards will destroy barricades on sight.mobxe.com/Darkscape.html
A Grand Exchange tax has been introduced to Darkscape in order to further reward the risk of trading at the more dangerous exchanges:
Low area GE is taxed 20% for free-to-play and 10% for members.
Mid area GE is taxed 10% for free-to-play and 5% for members.
High area GE is taxed 5% for free-to-play and no tax for members.
Player-to-player trading is not taxed.mobxe.com/Darkscape.html

Bug Fixes
Players now need a total level of at least 40 in order to use the chat system.
Ardougne and Port Sarim's ships have been reverted to be 30gp to travel. It is no longer possible to travel on those ships while in combat, and players will be placed outside the ship on arrival.
Travelling to the Wilderness via canoes will no longer make the minimap visible.
Entering and exiting Wilderness portals will no longer make the minimap visible.
The ferocious ring now correctly teleports players between Risk areas.
Area around Kuradal has been made a Medium-Threat area.
Walking through the Shantay Pass will now correctly update the threat icon.
Quota ticket hunter areas are no longer instanced.mobxe.com/Darkscape.html
Signs and portents of item protection will now correctly account for stacks of items.
Players will no longer be able to teleport from Castle Wars to Duel Arena via the ring of duelling while carrying items.
Signs of the porter now require double the amount of divine energy to create, drop divine energy on PvP death and charges have been reduced to increments of 3, down from 5.mobxe.com/Darkscape.html
Carried and risked wealth is now shown in GE values.
Deaths in Guthixian Caches are no longer safe.
Players will no longer be able to transform into Cres while in combat.
Players in Cres form cannot be attacked.

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