Blair London Writes About Glitch in Finding Missing Children

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Blair London, a Midwest novelist, has finished another book on finding missing children. Blair said she wrote this novel, realizing that oftentimes authorities overlook a family memberís secret involvement, and the most logical trails to find these children. This new book (working title: Missing Person), is about a young orphaned boy who goes to a couple pretending to be their long-lost son, and when DNA tests are done, it shows that he is.... Authorities involved in searching for missing children and other interested persons should read this book.


Blair Londonís books have been endorsed by:

Sam Waterston, Fred Dalton Thompson, Liam Neeson, Dean Norris, James Brolin, Ed Harris, Jonathan Banks, Meryl Streep, Lena Headey, Taylor Swift, Steve Forbes, Kirk Cameron, Matthew McConaughey, Connie Britton (actress), Patricia Heaton, John Walsh, Megyn Kelly


- Jobs for Angels: Veteransí Nightmare Realities
- Lure to Death: The Social Media Serial Killer
- Children Below Us: Child Trafficking
- Airport Stalking: Jackís Game
- Young Squatters

Blair had also written several screenplays: Children of the Train, Artistic Kill, Duo Demise, and Psycho Trainer.

Blair also has several books in the making (some finished manuscripts) on: the making of a pedophile and sociopath, and one on s*x trafficking where young women are taken first to a submarine and then to a remote island.; a 21-year-old scam artist who has learned to live for free from her mother; and one on a serial killer who kidnaps his young female neighbor and how she escapes.

Blair London is available for interviews.

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