Acting in Los Angeles: Actor Paul Cassady on his secret methods

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Acting is an art. There are people who have ventured into this field and have done wonders. However, those who have been getting formal training for acting have excelled even more. Los Angeles is the perfect place for arts such as acting to flourish. It is the hub of Hollywood.

Every year millions of people come to Los Angeles with a dream of getting a chance at becoming successfully working actors. Paul Cassady, an aspiring foreign actor who recently moved to Los Angeles, was one of these strugglers who came here to experiment with his fate. However, his secret was a solid acting plan that he developed over the years of being a struggling actor in Europe and learning, and researching everything about the American acting market and its currently successful actors: why they’re successful and how they came to be who they are today.

With his free resource for actors called, Paul Cassady now brings his advice, ideas, techniques and strategies on how to become working actors in Los Angeles to new aspiring actors so that they do not have to face the hard times he himself has experienced earlier. Paul believed that these lessons on how to survive in Los Angeles, find the best places to live in the city, and take up a successful acting career will prove fruitful for newbies. Everything is ingrained in common sense, business understanding, and marketing, networking and achieving true, tangible goals.

On his site Acting Plan, you’ll see Paul talk about everything from the very basics of acting to the more complex things. For example, the first task for any budding actor is to make their actor resumes. An acting resume is extremely important if you want an entry in the acting club. A good and professional acting resume will act as your calling card. The acting resume must not be crammed with a lot of stuff. It should be typed in an official format to catch the attention. Paul Cassady breaks it down to a letter, and shows exactly how one can structure format actor resume with no experience and use it to the best of their ability.

Paul Cassady believes that actors are very closely related to entrepreneurs and therefore should take up some skills for the business side of acting. In business schools, future businessmen are always taught to create their own opportunities. Unfortunately for actors, this is not the case. They will struggle 3-4 years in an acting school with nobody to whisper in their ears that there is actually very little work out there for them. But similarly to entrepreneurs, thespians must create their own opportunities. Actors must also learn from businessmen how to market themselves. Cassady says that even if you are the best actor in the whole wide world, no one will know about you if you have not marketed yourself well.

Newbies must also learn and understand the importance of networking and marketing themselves. Like for any entrepreneur, this is the key factor to success in an actor’s career. The more people know about you in the entertainment industry, the better are your chances to get called into casting auditions, have more success with your casting calls and easily get a talent agent sign you as an actor for their Los Angeles talent agency. All this can be found for free on his site,, where Paul is trying to revolutionize the way people see acting, and the way actors approach the business of entertainment.

Paul Cassady,
14889 Magnolia Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91450, United States

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