Martin Diaz Alvarez Launches Charity without Border in South America

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - San Juan, Puerto Rico – In an attempt to fulfill his long time ambition to help out more to provide for the Latin American Nation, philanthropist Martin Diaz Alvarez have built alongside with his partners a solid base for a foundation called “Charity without Borders” which targets the poor communities all over South America and build a sustainable program that would basically help out the poor in South American countries. Starting with Puerto Rico and then hitting up Venezuela afterwards. The point of the charity is not only to target a certain group of non-government organization but to very well generalize the lower class and try to facilitate their needs. It is very well known that MDA (As he is addressed by his colleagues) has always been a big supporter of the poor as he himself strived to where he is now.

The MDA Helping Hand Foundation is an organization that he have started way back 1993 when he was just starting to get his business booming. The fact of the matter is, there are some areas to improve in any country as far as charity as concern. Meaning, building a structure that would provide a better position to help out the poor in areas that the foundation will target in the next few years. The structure not only target money donations but basic necessities as well. “The main problem we face right now, is organizing the donations that we get from our sponsors and facilitate it well.” Jose Manuel Torres, one of MDA Helping Hand Foundation volunteers have said during an interview.

Right now, focusing on the task at hand is something that he wants to focus on for the time being. A solid foundation which everybody wants to see. With all the good deeds that Mr. Diaz Alvarez have done this might be one of the best he has done, so far. At first glance it would look like it was just a basic charitable work but if you look closely, you’d see that there are more than just donations. We can only hope that the program would sustain a profitable margin to make ends meet on its own as he hopes to make this a unique foundation and to focus more on helping out the needy not just in South America but in more countries as well.

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