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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - We at Zoom Removals know that when moving office, rather than the fee, it is the service, the process and the speed that weighs more on the minds of a business owner or manager.

If every business only looked at the business removal service fee, every business that moved office would have to spend days sorting out the post-removal confusion.

We at Zoom Removal services in Sydney know and understand that any business would love to start off at the new location as if nothing happened. They want the removal service to preferably happen over the weekend and also, be completed over the weekend.

Present this scenario to a removals service and most would tell you that it would be a tall order to achieve but not Zoom Removals in Sydney Ė we take pride in achieving the impossible.

At Zoom Removals in Sydney, our planning begins the moment we get the Ďgo-aheadí from our client. A team will visit your business premises and eyeball the material to be moved. They will meet the key team members of the move at your end and understand the prerequisites if any. They will need to know if Zoom is to be involved with the packing and re-setup at the destination Ė it is best we are because we have years of experience at this.

Packing computers, work tables, files and cabinetís isnít as simple as one might assume. They canít just be dumped into a box and shipped off to the new destination. The post-move chaos would be beyond imagination. At Zoom Removals in Sydney, we have perfected a pre and post move coding system that identifies location within office, department, section, and employee name, type of content and specific details. Our coding methodology not only accurately identifies location, content and responsible person before the move, it provides similar information post-move as well so our removal service staff (or your staff) know where to direct the box, whatís in the box and who is responsible for it.

At Zoom Removals in Sydney we can also arrange for technical help to setup your network, test and have it up and running before you staff even enter the new office location. In fact, there is nothing that is forgotten or left undone. Your staffs have to just turn up at the new office and they can start right from where they left off the previous week.

At Zoom Removals in Sydney, we also have interstate removals Sydney, Moving Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane to Sydney removalists and cleaning services. We can clean everything up thereafter so the landlord or new owner has nothing to complain.


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Zoom Removals is Sydney's favorite budget removalist firm. With over 9000 moves every year, you can be assured that you're working with one of Sydney's most reputable removalist companies.

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