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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Toxconsult is a consulting company which provides full services in the areas of experimental and regulatory toxicology, safety pharmacology, ecotoxicology, toxicokinetics, metabolism and genomics.

We support our customers in these areas to achieve efficient product developments by using practical project management tools and successful registrations of products.

Our customers range from start- up companies to big corporations, encompassing chemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, consumer care and animal health industries. They benefit from our scientific and practical solutions which are based on thorough expertise in all involved scientific areas.
Our expertise is based on long term knowledge of experimental and regulatory toxicology and related disciplines, like toxicokinetics, metabolism and ecotoxicology, over many years of work in study direction, in experimental toxicology, in toxicology project management, registration and in toxicology leadership positions.

As part of the development process we provide study strategy, support and design of required studies, and coordination between all involved scientific disciplines to achieve shortest possible timelines. As part of this we support the customer in effective design of study protocols, monitoring of studies and range finding studies, including dose selections and GLP reporting. Toxconsult also provides support on potential issues of development candidates during the development phases together with practical solutions.
Furthermore we are experts in the evaluation of data under consideration of all aspects of a product.

We are looking back on many successful registrations of our customers which were achieved with the services of toxconsult. We provide screening support in the selection of new molecules by using optimum selection criteria to maximize their chances of a successful development and of reaching the markets in the chemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, consumer care and animals healths areas. Our strengths are experience in molecule selection, flexible improvement of selection criteria and procedures, efficient product development and data compiling in final registration packages with best changes for registration. In addition to this, toxconsult supports the customer in the defense of products by discussion with authorities. Registration experience covers all relevant regions like USA (FDA, EPA), Canada, South America (for example ANVISA in Brazil), Europe (EFSA, ECHA), and the Asian region.

Similar support is given for due diligence projects, joint ventures and bridging between formulations or combinations of active ingredients.

We also provide support for expert discussions with scientists from academia, authorities and other institutions. In the field of agrochemicals we provide support for registration and re-registration of products, like in the European AIR process.

In overlapping areas between toxicology and ecotoxicology, services are provided to derive endpoints for ecotoxicology and in assessment of critical areas like endocrine disruption.Toxconsult furthermore provides support in areas, like in-license support, strategic development planning, management support, literature search and evaluation, veterinary medical assistance and GLP management and training. For more information on this page please visit :


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