Telansen presents Air-Assisted Paint Sprayer to the world industry markets

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Shanghai, China, 5th Nov, 2015:
The completely new product of the company, air-assisted paint sprayer is made to create a new spraying technology which combines the advantages of the traditional and airless spraying technology. Air-assisted spraying gives the best solution for the furniture, engineering machinery, coach, renewable energies field. Excellent finish quality and higher productivity have earned great reputation from customers.

Air-assisted Sprayer associates middle pressure spraying and an indirect addition of atomization air(at a very low pressure),which leads to outstanding fan control. The outcome of this association is a supercharge of air at the locus of atomization, right after the outflow from the tip, which results in a perfectly controlled and adjustable fan.

Telansen Coating Machinery Co., Ltd is the first manufacturer making industrial pneumatic airless sprayer equipment in China marketplace. Telansen has a huge selection of industrial airless sprayers for all applications and user requirements. Whether you are an expert painting contractor, renovator, homeowner or do-it-yourselfer, you will find the most reliable, long lasting, accurate, and time saving airless sprayers in the market.

The primary products of the company includes: air compressor paint sprayer, air-assisted paint sprayer, industrial airless sprayer, metal coating equipment, shipyard coating sprayer, two components airless sprayer, pipeline internal wall sprayer and many more. With rich craftsmanship experience, Telansen industrial airless sprayer covered 60% domestic market share not just for competitive factory price but also longevity with very long service life.

About The Company:
Telansen Coating Machinery Co., Ltd is a China based company offering you the best painting pneumatic airless sprayer equipment at reasonable price. If you would want to get more information about the products, then you can visit the website at

Contact Details:
Author Name: Mr. Telansen
Business/Company Name: Telansen Coating Machinery CO., LTD
Local Address: No.9611, Hutai Road, Shanghai, China
Phone Number: +86-21-66599152
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