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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sydney is a major business hub being home to many types of industries. As businesses expand their transportation needs also increase. A manufacturing unit in Sydney might market its products all over the country and so distribution of these products nationwide becomes necessary to build up the business and increase profits. Transportation and logistics companies in Sydney are an integral part of any business hub.

Whether it is local & interstate freight transport Australia, transporting machinery, finished goods, vehicles or anything else, transportation and logistics companies in Sydney take care of all your transportation needs. There are several transportation and logistics companies that may be willing to take the goods to the desired area. All of them promise to give a great service although not all of them are a professionally managed setup.

A reputed transportation and logistics company in Sydney has a proper setup. They will usually have a wide range of vehicles to transport any type of cargo, professional drivers for the vehicles, technology to track the cargo when it is on the road and generally ensure that the goods reach the destination safely. Well trained staff provides quick and efficient service.

One of the recognized names in the transportation business is ITS Transport. With well over 35 years of experience this transportation and logistics company in Sydney delivers efficient and prompt service each and every time. The company offers not only freight transport services by road but also by rail. With a nationwide network of offices spanning across the Australian continent, ITS Transport has a wide reach.

The company specializes in interstate freight services and can carry all types of cargo ranging from heavy machinery, automobiles, oil, gas and petroleum. With its specialized vehicles, trucks and trailers, it provides services to the mining, construction and chemical industry as well. ITS Transport has logistical capabilities that allow them to offer tailor-made solutions to the client’s transportation needs. Whether it is door-to-door parcel service, local freight, intrastate freight or daily east-west quick pickup, ITS Transport can take care of it with speed and efficiency.

ITS Transport has a professional setup with an experienced management team and professional drivers. GPS Satellite Navigation Systems keep track of your cargo on the road and you can be assured of the delivery to be on time. Additionally, all transportation, logistical and storage services are offered at extremely competitive prices. Once the cargo is booked with ITS the customer can expect it to be safely delivered to the destination without any problem. The customer need not track the cargo himself, it is all managed by the experienced personnel at ITS Transport.

So, if you would like to transport your products nationwide or have cargo transported to a another destination, visit for more details and rates.


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ITS Transport
Postal Address: Unit 2, 1-3 Whyalla Place, Prestons, NSW 2171
Phone: 02 8783 0080
Phone: 1800 989 363


Innovation Transport Services was established 1st July 1999 by Mr. Brett Howison who remains the CEO to date. He has been involved in the transport industry from the age of 21, 17 years as a CEO.

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