The World’s First All Natural Medicinal Cannabis Vaporiser Made Legal In UK

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK - MediPen, a natural cannabis vaporiser formulated by using a proprietary blend of Coconut Oil and CBD has launched in the UK as the first legal gadget of its kind.

News coverage for the MediPen has already been frantic, with popular UK newspapers like The Independent and Metro covering the launch of the UK’s first legal cannabis vaporiser. The MediPen has also been covered by the blogs & news sections of well known cannabis seed banks such as Just Feminized.

The developers of the gadget claim the invention is revolutionary, and that the MediPen offers ideal doses of CBD - the substance found within cannabis that is well known for its healing properties. CBD has also been proven not to stimulate any of the ill effects of cannabis use such as anxiety and paranoia.

Unlike possession of cannabis, which is illegal to buy or sell in the UK, the MediPen is a completely legal cannabis vaporiser. In the United Kingdom, it is possible to sell or buy cannabis seeds but not to germinate them.

While it is early on in the life of the MediPen, several users have provided highly encouraging reports early on. The Metro newspaper interviewed a medicinal user of the MediPen who suffers from fibromyalgia (an illness where the body suffers with muscular pains and aches). The user, Ms Yapp, reported considerable relief following consistent use of the MediPen.

The MediPen has been developed specifically for discreet medicinal use. The gadget is odourless and slim, and the main ingredients are high strength CBD oil combined with pharmaceutical level coconut oil which powers its medicinal potency.

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