Full Service Technology Launches Live Streaming Service for Innovative Organizations.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Full Service Technology Launches Live Streaming Service for Innovative Organizations.


Today’s technology means companies, large or small, get their message out in real time. The latest disruptive technology is live streaming from a company's website, and video feed direct to customers and their target market. This cutting edge solution has moved beyond testing, and it is now being rolled produced by Full Service Technology in Houston, Texas. While some companies have experimented with live streaming platforms, the technology has not reached its tipping point. Marian LaSalle and Russ Johns, founders of Full Service Technology, are behind the mission to educate companies about getting their message to customers and the marketplace.
Organizations need to release information that is timely and relevant. Breaking company news, new product launches, convention invitations and announcements, time sensitive promotions, recruitment, or product recalls can now use this portal for streaming video and audio.
Behind the scenes, Full Service Technology tailors to the needs of each company, using multiple technologies that interface with the client's existing infrastructure. This is critical; large spikes in online traffic crash the company's website. If a company lacks the proper spokesperson to be the face of the company, Full Service Technology offers a trained professional for the job. Customers can expect a comprehensive suite of products and services no matter the size company. Full Service Technology’s goal is to make the company a leader in their industry or marketplace.
"Technology moves rapidly, and companies that want to stay on the competitive edge need to know how to achieve this goal," explained Johns, "We'll even throw in our recently released guidebook, Driving Business Around Your Traffic Circle. The Guidebook of Business Intelligence and Marketing Systems Integration, during the month of October,” concluded LaSalle.
Innovative organizations can contact Full Service Technology and schedule an in-house presentation.

About Full Service Technology: A one stop technology company that can provide an innovative suite of digital media products, services or consulting expertise to any size company needing expansion in their marketplace. Founders Marian LaSalle and Russ Johns bring a combined 40+ years of experience in technology and media sectors. They can be reached through the company web site.

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