Best Range of Vertical Blinds for Your Windows

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Vertical blinds are popularly used for doors or narrow windows. Vertical blinds are selected because they ‘flow’ in the same direction as door or narrow window i.e. vertically and therefore look better on doors and narrow windows. You select vertical blinds for the same reason that a thin, lanky person would look better in a vertical strips shirt than a horizontal strip one.

Depending on the interior decor of your office or home, there is a whole range of vertical blinds on offer at Apollo Blinds. The range of vertical blinds for your narrow (or long) windows and doors include:

1. Wooden Vertical Blinds
2. Metal Vertical Blinds
3. PVC Vertical blinds and,
4. Fabric Vertical Blinds

Although a bit on the expensive side, wooden vertical blinds are the most popular. A wooden vertical blind adds class and elegance of the room especially if the room has wooden panelling and wooden furniture. Wooden vertical blinds are available in a range of colours or you can select a light colour and have it varnished or polished to whatever colour you desire.

On the downside, overtime a wooden blind will fade when exposed to sunlight. So it needs to be re-polished at least once every two years.

Metal Vertical Blinds are made from aluminium and are available in just about any colour you want. In fact, you can select between mat and gloss finish. Since they made from aluminium, they are rust free and require no maintenance other than the twice-a-week wipe with a wet or dry cloth. They are light-weight and relatively economical to buy.

PVC Vertical Blinds are made from plastic or similar material, are generally heat and flame-resistant and are available in almost any colour of your choosing. PVC vertical blinds are available in a variety of thicknesses and coating and so are ideal if you are trying to control the amount of sunlight entering the room.

Fabric Vertical Blinds add a feminine charm to your doors and windows. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns and colours. They add charm to your room and are easily vacuum cleaned when required. Fabric vertical blinds & Roller blinds are usually a lot heavier than metal or PVC blinds.

All vertical blinds can be mechanized and remote controlled. You can opt for a simple motor-and-remote-control or you can really go hi-tech and opt for sensor controlled mechanized blinds that open or close depending on the amount of UV/light entering the room. Of course, the remote control over-rides the sensor.

Ultimately, the type of vertical blinds you select will depend primarily on the purpose, the current decor of the room and your budget. Buy Blinds Online at Low Prices in Australia on Apollo Blinds. Find wide range of Window Blinds, Roller Blinds and Roller Blinds Melbourne from top brands.


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