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Sydney, Australia.

Summary: People who are looking for storage space now have a forum where they can connect with those who have large and excess amount of space. is providing an opportunity where people can share space and earn some money from it.

Launching its website, Xcesspace is a start up company, which facilitates access and sharing of storage space. The company, which is a peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer marketplace for storage space enables individuals to find or rent out free space, such as an attic, a driveway or a garden shed.

The company is build on the principle of the sharing economy, where those who have some space to spare can make some money through renting to those who need additional space, on either a full time or temporary basis.

The story behind the formation of the Xcesspace:
The company was born from a simple concept; offering quality and affordable space to the Australian community. A couple of years ago, whilst moving interstate from Queensland to New South Wales, the founder of the company came to the realisation that there was no affordable options to store belongings. Professional storage was very expensive. The owner started asking friends and relatives if they would allow storage of cartons and some of furniture in their garage for an affordable weekly or monthly fee. Although they agreed, the founder of Xcesspace came to the conclusion that there was a massive gap in the market for affordable storage and that a lot of Australians would probably be very keen to let out some of their unused space at home or at their work for a reasonable price.

This were the company was formed. The idea was further developed to offer the Australian community the opportunity to list or find any type of space from an empty wall in a local cafe which an artist could use to hang some artwork, to a backyard to organise a party or a BBQ with a group of friends, to a green vegetable patch to allow city dwellers to grow healthy goodies, or a phenomenal venue for your next celebration.

On this new platform, those who are moving out and have storage issues will be able to connect with those who are living in bigger and larger places.

The company is not only interested in helping out people who are moving and need some space to store their items but also those who would like to hold events such as parties or people who would like to grow some backyard vegetables.

Save and make money "Name it. All of your most unexpected space ideas can be found right here, on, Sharing is Caring," said the founder of the Xcesspace.

In any case, with the help of Xcesspace, one will be able to either save money or make money.
The founders of Xcesspace appeal to all out there to give it a try, help those who need the space and at the same time make some money out of something which they do frequently use.

Phone contacts:+61401406102

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