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the best houseboat
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The Kerala backwaters offer a rousing environment for romantic outings. It is a honeymooners’ paradise. They have the natural setting of a vast lake and the privacy of a houseboat with modern luxuries. Those who cherish love and romance will surely spend some of the unforgettable days in their life at houseboats in Alleppey. So, come on in with the object of your love and seek amorous bliss.

The right Alleppey House boat operator

Amidst the many Alleppey houseboat operators, some are more equal. Sun Houseboats Kerala is the first among those equals. For the best Alleppey house boat cruises, look no further. Choose the best of our packages.

The right Houseboats packages

We offer several types of Alleppey houseboat packages, ranging from one day to five days. Don’t think that the houseboat packages involve only boat ride without any break. We arrange for village tours, canoeing sessions and fishing expeditions at low cost in houseboats price. For each of the Alleppey houseboat packages, breakfast, lunch and dinner (candle light dinner, to be precise) will be provided on board.

For all the packages, please note the following points. Houseboats will be anchored and idle during nights. It is mandatory owing to government regulations. All meals served will be typical Kerala dishes. We provide the best of fish dishes and rice items. Bread, butter, jam, and eggs will be provided for breakfast and Chappathis and chicken/vegetable curry will be provided for lunch and dinner upon request.


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