AutoClean Montreal – The Best Auto Repair and Cleaning Services in Canada

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Montreal, Canada, November 11, 2015: Auto maintenance and cleaning services are provided by all car care companies irrespective of their size but a service that is comprehensive to the point of being perfect has been designed by the leading auto maintenance and cleaning Canadian company, AutoClean Montreal.

The workshop of the company is loaded with work specific tools of the finest range that not only facilitate the applied labor intensity on the vehicle, but also make sure that the work is finished with an unmatched smoothness. Their nicely stocked library of professional devised repair guides proves to be useful whenever they come across a challenging, or unusual issue.

They provide all kind of auto cleaning and restoration services with most experienced auto tech professionals. They deal with their customers friendly and provide hassle-free service at affordable rates. Their major services include: basic wash, wheel wells cleaning, rims and tires cleaned and dressed, door jams washed and dried, thorough vacuum cleaning of seats, carpets, mats and trunk, wipe down all interior surfaces of the vehicle, all windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out.

Beside these services, AutoClean Montreal provide: Removal of all contaminants from vehicle exterior such as sap, tar, overspray, exterior power polish, long-lasting hand wax application, engine shampoo and dressing, complete odor treatment, headlight restoration and more. Power polishing help to restore your vehicle’s paint finish to glossy luster. The power polishing is done by well-experienced team members using the latest equipment and compounds.

The company also offers vehicle protection packages that include rubber undercoating to prevent underbody corrosion and reduce road noise, injected rust treatment or electronic rust module to prevent rust and much more.

About The Company:
AutoClean Montreal is a name to reckon with in the car care and maintenance segment, not just in the Montreal but in the entire Quebec. The focus is to deliver excellent services in mechanical repair, accessories installation and cleaning of four wheeled personal transport machines of all kinds at cost-effective rates. You can visit the Facebook page of the company at

Contact Details:
Company Name: AutoClean Montreal
Location: Montreal Quebec Canada


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