A Good Music Teacher Helping Students Find Their Own Voice

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13th Nov, 2015: The decisive goal of a mentor for their students includes making their learning experience fun and pleasurable while honing their skills. Here we are introducing our 3 music teachers.

Chris Lee teaches a wide variety of music styles, including rock, jazz, pop, and blues. As a diverse guitar instructor who has qualified in the Bay Area for more than 10 years, Chris helps students learn harmony and theory, ear-training, sight reading, and technique. He attended and received his Journeyman’s degree from the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance.

Erin O’s Neill is a teacher and professional vocalist with more than 12 years of performing skill, also she has a diverse experience spans classical choirs, folk trios, jazz ensembles, and rock bands. She graduated from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, with honors and sang with the university’s award-winning women’s choir, Voce Femminile. She also toured the country with the highly selective jazz group the Willamette Singers. Erin’s teaching approach is all about building confidence and helping students find their own voice.

Grant Woolard is an instructor of classical piano. He began studying classical piano at age 7 and won a statewide music competition by the age of 15. He continued studying piano at the University of Virginia with a Juilliard-trained instructor. After college, Grant moved to Japan, where he taught English for 4 years and picked up the shamisen, a Japanese banjo-like instrument. Inspired by genres like classical, ragtime, and rock, he regularly composes and records musical compositions for his online channel. For more information please visit http://www.musiciansmobile.com/teachers/

About Company:
At musiciansmobile.com, we learn how to play musical instruments and also give vocational training. Our instructors educate how to play a variety of instruments in many different styles.

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