Strong Grip is Linked to Reduced Anxiety and Mental Strength

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sanford, NC – Nov. 13, 2015, 2015 – Grip strength begins to decline in the 20s and rapidly decreases after the age of 50. Many individuals over 50 also begin to report symptoms of forgetfulness and brain fog. A Jan. 1986 study published in Age and Aging showed a correlation between grip strength, memory and mental acuity. Hand grippers can help alleviate those problems

“The study demonstrated a definite link in grip strength and mental function,” said Supreme Squeeze spokesperson, Eric Currey. “It just makes sense to use hand grippers to improve physical strength that creates an environment conducive to improved mental ability.”

Lack of grip strength has been associated with a myriad of diseases and reduced physical health, but studies have also established a link with hand strength and mental conditions. Research conducted at Lifespan Developmental Psychology Lab showed that those with low hand and grip strength were more likely to demonstrate depression, dementia and disability.

Weak grip strength has an impact on multiple areas of life. Further studies conducted in 2009 and published in the Oxford Journals showed that those with low grip strength demonstrated poorer functional, psychological and social health, along with accelerated cognitive decline.

The use of hand grippers for increased physical function also benefits individuals mentally with improved memory, clarity, focus and concentration. Those with a strong grip are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety that can be severely debilitating. Anxiety causes stress, the body’s response to a perceived threat. Hand grippers are often recommended to distract the mind and alleviate stress from multiple causes and sources.

Hand grippers are physical strength training tools that work the muscles in the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms that offer significant mental advantages. Supreme Squeeze hand grippers offer individuals 66 lbs. of resistance, eliminating the need for consumers to purchase multiple pairs in graduating strengths. Sold in sets of two, they feature foam grips for superior comfort and each purchase is accompanied by free bonus exercises and tips.

Available exclusively on Amazon, the devices are affordable, lightweight and portable, allowing individuals to tuck them in a pocket or purse for use anytime they want. They feature a high-carbon steel construction for durability and they’re equally applicable for men and women to build strength while improving memory, concentration and addressing the symptoms of depression.

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