Purest Vantage Final Day of Savings on Magnesium Oil Spray Announces

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Orlando, FL - Oct. 17, 2015 – Purest Vantage has announced the final days of savings on the company’s magnesium oil spray is at hand. The product is sold exclusively on Amazon and the company is offering special pricing and free shipping when consumers purchase multiple bottles of the most potent magnesium oil spray currently available on the market.

“Our spray is an affordable transdermal means of improving magnesium levels to skin cells,” said Angela Kennedy, founder of Purest Vantage. “We offer a 90-day money back guarantee.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 75 percent of all adults have a magnesium deficit and it’s one of the top seven nutrient concerns of the U.S. Department of Health. Each 12 oz. bottle of Purest Vantage’s magnesium oil spray provides consumers with 3,575mg. of magnesium per ounce and its specially formulated to reduce itching that sometimes occurs with the topical mineral.

The application of transdermal vitamins, minerals, medications and beauty treatments has been utilized for thousands of years and continues today. Mud baths and natural mineral springs populate popular spas and tourist destinations. A variety of medications are administered through transdermal patches and beauty treatments rely on absorption of ingredients through the dermal layer.

The Purest Vantage magnesium oil spray is absorbed through the skin to improve magnesium levels in skin cells. Magnesium is a critical element for cellular health, an essential ingredient for the body’s production of the antioxidant glutathione, and it aids in the reduction of inflammation associated with multiple health conditions.

Manufactured in the U.S. the magnesium oil spray is created according to exacting standards for purity and efficacy. The magnesium oil is purified, tested, is free of contaminants, and contains no heavy metals.

The firm’s magnesium oil spray provides relief from migraines, aids in attaining a restful sleep required for the body to repair itself, and from a variety of muscle aches, pains and spasms. Magnesium plays an active role in the immune system and detoxification. Athletes utilize magnesium for improved energy and performance levels.

The final days of savings on Purest Vantage’s magnesium oil spray have been set, limiting the time shoppers can avail themselves of special offers on the company’s new product. The magnesium spray offers the most potent formula available, providing individuals with an effective and natural way to improve the level of magnesium in cells.

About Purest Vantage
Purest Vantage is passionate and dedicated to developing high quality products that assist people in maintaining optimal health, enabling them to enjoy all the benefits a healthy lifestyle offers. All of our products use the finest quality, pure and tested ingredients, and are manufactured in the United States. For more information, visit http://www.purestvantage.com.

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Founder Angela Kennedy
Phone: (407)-545-2097
Email: media@purestvantage.com
Website: www.purestvantage.com


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