DrinkUp Card Game Kickstarter Campaign Launched

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Antonio Torres, Project Manager and Eugene Zhitnikov, Graphic Artist are pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for their original and hilarious card game. “DrinkUp” is the game and it is the perfect way to have a great time at holiday parties among groups of adult friends. Playing the game has a goal of having fun with friends while never stopping the drinks.

The Kickstarter campaign has a goal of $18,797 to be used for packaging and distribution costs of the new game. The pledges will be rewarded in three levels. A pledge of €15 or more will receive a DrinkUp Basic deck of (54 cards). A pledge of €25 ($27 USD) or €80 ($86 USD) USD) receives a DrinkUp Kickstarter Edition non-commercial deck of 90 cards with the seal “I backed this Kickstarter project”. This deck is not available elsewhere.

A pledge of €200 or more (about $215 USD ) will provide the contributor with one non-commercial Kickstarter edition deck of 90 cards with the seal ““I backed this Kickstarter project”. This is the Kickstarter Pro edition which includes the 90-card deck plus a custom deck where the backer can design three unique cards. All cards are made of nearly indestructible high-grade plastic.

Cards come in several categories which are defined by colours. They include Erotic, For You, Action, Game, Rule and I Never. The rules are simple: take a card, and either answer or act. The results will never be boring.

Tony Torres spoke about the game in a recent interview, “Laugh at your fears, your sexual fantasies, send crazy SMS from your partner’s mobile. Scream, draw, sing and tell jokes. Don’t get tangled up by games filled with rules and guidelines, with cards that say nothing at all. Surprise your friends with DrinkUp.”

The DrinkUp game practically guarantees success and fun. No more boring parties. The questions and rules will provide fast and easy laughter through the entire party time. It’s not about winning or losing, but rather about laughing and having fun. The game can be played over and over with different results each time.

Delivery of the game is set for January, 2016 and the production team has already been set up to ensure accurate and prompt delivery of the game cards. By avoiding complicated rewards for contributors, the delivery of the cards will be on time with no postponements and frustrating delays.

Antonio Torres, Project Manager
Address: Chicago, Ilinois
Email Address: torresalomar@gmail.com
Website: http://www.drinkupgame.com
Kickstarter Project Site: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/71175882/drinkup-the-drinking-game/description

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