City Shelving: Suppliers Of Industrial Quality Commercial & Domestic Storage Solutions

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Woodville North, Australia - City Shelving is Adelaide's premier provider of storage solutions. They sell a variety of new and used products both for commercial and domestic use. The industrial quality items they offer can even get used to complete a full warehouse fit!

Their Woodville North showroom makes it easy to see how their products will meet all needs. One can also view their extensive range of storage solutions at The company's website gives a detailed insight into how one can better organise their space.


City Shelving is well-known for their vast selection of industrial quality shelving solutions. They offer many different shelving lines including Long Span, Maxi Span and Wide Span.

Their flagship Mini Span range is an all-steel adjustable product. It gets used in a variety of commercial and domestic settings. For example, Mini Span is perfect for warehouses, supermarkets and garages. The Mini Span range is quick and simple to assemble. One can create a bespoke storage solution thanks to its modular design.

Mini Span is available with either blue or white frames. The white steel panels slot into the frames for a flush finish. And the 1800mm wide beams support a Uniform Distributed Load of 250kg.

City Shelving also provides a range of mobile shelving solutions too. Products include Aisle Savers, Office Maxtors and Hand-Operated Maxtors.


Also on offer is a vast selection of pallet racking solutions and accessories. Selective Racking makes it easy to access pallets, and caters for various sizes. Drive-In Racking is perfect for high-density pallet storage; ideal for larger warehouse environments. And if space is at a premium, Double-Deep Racking solutions are a must.

City Shelving sells racking solutions for companies that need to store large rolls. Carpets can also get stored with ease in them. That's thanks to the varying heights, lengths and depths available.

Cabinets and Lockers

A typical office environment will need plenty of storage solutions. City Shelving offers a vast array of products to suit all needs. One can select from a broad range of cabinets and lockers available in many styles, shapes and sizes.

There are plenty of ideal cabinet solutions for storing things like stationery and paperwork. And filing cabinets are practical paperwork storage solutions. In a factory environment, flammable storage cabinets are perfect for keeping the area safe.

When employees need to store personal contents like clothes, lockers are an ideal choice. City Shelving provides a range of different locker shapes and styles to suit all needs.

For secure storage, it makes sense to choose lockable cabinet products. City Shelving also sells counter units, suitable for storing excess banknotes.

About City Shelving

Founded in 1993, City Shelving is Adelaide's premier supplier of storage solutions. Serving commercial and domestic customers, the firm provides a range of products. From shelving to racking, and cabinets to lockers, City Shelving is a one-stop shop for storage solutions.

For more information, contact:

City Shelving
9 Sheffield Street
Woodville North
South Australia

Telephone: 1800 752 740



City Shelving

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