Prodigy of Wyclef Jean creates first single

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Prodigy of Wyclef Jean creates first single


Ear Candi Music is pleased to announce recording artist Devon Golder will release his first hit, Ride Wit Me, on November 20th in iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. A smooth R&B lyric with a solid bass beat in the background, Golder’s single is sure to be a hit among fans.

The song is about taking ladies out and about on the town in fine cars, enjoying the evening and all it has to offer. The video is directed by Phillyflyboy, and the artist composed the song.

Starting as a gospel music prodigy, Golder quickly rose through the ranks and took a Stellar Award nomination before industry heavyweights took notice of his smooth and soulful sound.

Golder has songwriting credits with music great Wyclef Jean’s album Memoirs of an Immigrant. He has also collaborated with many other top industry professionals. His work has reached multi-platinum status, and his career is summed up best by Wyclef Jean himself.

“He’s a musical genius,” said Jean.

Ride Wit Me is the first single on a forthcoming EP due out in 2016. Fortunate fans can own the song November 20th, available in their mobile device’s music store.

Learn more about Golder, his music and his epic rise at his website

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