Awnet: Global Supplier Of Cafe Barriers & Market Umbrellas

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Melbourne, Australia - Awnet is a global supplier of cafe barriers and market umbrellas. The brand is a market leader not just in Australia, but in other parts of the world too.

The company makes products that feature cutting-edge designs and superior build quality. All their outdoor dining products get made in Australia and distributed throughout the country. Awnet also sells their products to clients across the globe.

Awnet prides themselves on offering a 100% Australian-made range of products. For over 35 years, they have served clients with durable, robust and attractive products.

Why Awnet is a market leader and an innovator

When it comes to cafe barriers and market umbrellas, Awnet are industry experts. Many of their competitors have tried (and failed) to mimic their success. There are many reasons why Awnet is so successful at what they do.

The products they sell are all made to high standards. There are stringent quality-control checks, and nothing gets approved that is sub-standard. Awnet has heavily invested in perfecting their range of cafe barriers and umbrellas. The result: they are the leading brand in the industry!

Another reason Awnet is a market leader is down to their flexibility. For example, the company can adjust designs according to the preferences of their clients. And they can also do that should designs need to get altered to meet strict local council regulations.

To see examples of their products in action, visit the Awnet website at

Cafe Barriers

Walk past most cafes and one can often see “barriers” enveloping the outdoor tables and chairs. Their purpose is two-fold. First of all, cafe barriers serve as wind breakers. They offer some protection to customers from the elements and also provide some privacy.

The other reason they get used is for promotion. One can have logos of leading food and drinks brands printed on the banners, for example. They are a good way of enticing passing trade into a cafe.

Awnet manufacture and sell a range of cafe barriers. They come in various styles and sizes, and are strong too!

Market Umbrellas

Umbrellas are useful for protecting people when it rains. Cafes, pubs and other establishment use larger commercial market umbrellas. Except they aren't for individual use; they get installed on tables outdoors!

Awnet's range of market umbrellas is useful for many reasons. First of all, they offer people protection against the rain and the sun. They're also useful for advertising brands or products. Market umbrellas come in a range of style and size options and are durable. That means they won't blow away in a strong gust of wind!

About Awnet

Awnet has over 35 years of experience in the cafe barrier and market umbrella industry. They make their products in Australia and sell to both domestic and international customers.

They are industry leaders and offer a broad spectrum of products to suit all styles and needs.

For more information, contact:

154-160 Williams Road

Telephone: 1800 417 888




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