Fresh New Indian Travel Forum Launches Exciting Destination Guides

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - New Delhi, India - It's a fact that India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit. The country is full of history, culture and splendour. It's also a busy country to visit, yet somehow there is plenty of peace and serenity to experience within it.

India Travel Forum is a fresh new site that highlights the country's best-kept secrets. It's a place for people to discover places outside of the usual tourist traps. The forum has set up a new travel destination guide section to make it easy for visitors to plan itineraries.

India Travel Destination Guides

New to the forum is a section dedicated to the best places to visit in India. From Alleppey in the south to Varanasi in the north, it's packed full of useful and practical guides.

The content in this section of the India Travel Forum got curated from various forum members. The online community boasts many users that frequent different parts of the country. Their expert knowledge gets shared with other travellers. They help to build up this new section of the forum.

The good thing about the Destination Guides is that the content gets updated all the time. That means visitors and members alike can enjoy up-to-date information before they visit.

Admin staff regard the new section as an important and crucial addition to the forums. Everyone is welcome to curate new content on the forum. They can contribute their knowledge and experience to the Destination Guides section.

Travel Basics

Foreign visitors to India will no doubt need some help working out what to do before and during their stay. The Travel Basics section provides a wealth of information to people new to India.

For example, the Travel Advice sub-forum offers help to people visiting particular areas. It alerts them to any incidents or problems they may experience. It's a useful resource, as it helps visitors to remain vigilant and aware of the area around them.

The Hotels sub-forum is the place to share news and views on hotels in India. Members often share past experiences of particular hotels with each other. It's also the place to ask for recommendations.

People visiting the Transportation sub-forum can learn about the best travel options. As with any growing city, there are a plethora of ways to get around India. This section helps visitors to India find out the best ways to travel to their destinations.


Need help planning an itinerary? The sub-forums in the Inspiration section are a boon to people visiting India! One can learn about exciting places to visit, such as wildlife parks and mountains.

About India Travel Forum

The new India Travel Forum serves as an online resource for those that want to explore the country. It helps people to stay safe and savvy on their travels. And it also gives visitors ideas of places to visit during their stay. It's a forum that's useful both for Indians and foreign visitors.

For more information, contact:

India Travel Forum
E 11
Uttam Nagar
New Delhi

Telephone: +91 85 2774 6068



India Travel Forum

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