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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Goomalling, Australia - A family-owned business, Universal Trailers is the leading trailer brand in Perth. In fact, the name is synonymous with quality trailers right across Australia.

The brand, a part of Universal Initiatives, was born out of necessity. The Clarke family, owners of Universal Trailers, used to be farmers in Goomalling. They had made trailers for their personal use for some years.

People often commented on the high quality and versatility of the trailers they built. They then decided to start making trailers on a wider scale, and so Universal Trailers was born.

The Clarke family ensure their trailers are both farmer and livestock friendly. That's thanks to their practical farming knowledge, of course. Today's Universal Trailers products aren't suitable just for agriculture. They get used in a variety of applications. Take a look at their site - - for more details.

Why buy from Universal Trailers?

The brand is synonymous with quality and durability in Perth and beyond. But what makes the Universal Trailers brand better than what their competitors offer?

First of all, the innovative design of their trailers means they are durable and last for years. The quality of the finish, welds and materials is a testament to that fact.

Second, there is a vast range of trailers available. That means customers can choose the best one for their needs. Of course, there may be times where some people need a bespoke solution not found elsewhere. That's not a problem because they can build customised trailers at their Goomalling workshop.

Last, but not least, Universal Trailers offer a superior level of customer service. It's crucial that clients are 100% happy with the products they buy. The family-run firm is also happy to let people view trailers in their showroom before they buy.

The key features of a Universal Trailer

So, what is it about the trailers built by Universal that offer such good value for money? The trailers they build have drop-down sides. And the hurdles are all attached to the tray. Telescopic posts and the front headboard also slot into the tray.

The trailers also offer many customisation options. For example, there is the ability to use longer posts. In fact, it's safe to say that each trailer offers almost limitless possibilities!

The range of hydraulic tipping trailers features a 1.6kW power pack. They have a 20-litre oil reservoir and a battery mounted in the front toolbox. Depending on the trailer's length, trailers can have two to five hydraulic ram stages.

About Universal Trailers

Customers in Perth and beyond buy their trailers from Universal for three reasons. First, they get built by a family-run firm. Second, they are durable and last for years. And, third, they are quite versatile.

Universal Trailers also offers a custom build service for clients with specific requirements. All trailers can get delivered across Australia.

For more information, contact:

Universal Trailers
PO Box 140
Western Australia

Telephone: +61 (0)428 291 010



Universal Trailers

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