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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sydney, Australia - Founded in 2009, Trendy Tots is a boutique baby gift website. At the time, no such site existed, and parents often found it hard to select the perfect baby presents. The site aims to provide the right blend of boutique brands and value for money.

The flagship products offered on by Trendy Tots are baby gift baskets and hampers. They include products from leading brands such as Alimrose Designs, Skeanie and Rufflebutts. The site also sells a range of baby toys, accessories and other gifts.

Why buy from Trendy Tots?

Nowadays one can shop online from a plethora of baby gift and accessory websites. But, what makes Trendy Tots different from the rest? First of all, the website only sells boutique baby items. When a new baby enters the world, people will put a lot of thought into their gift ideas for both the baby and the parents. What they don't want to do is select "any old thing" as a present!

The Trendy Tots website, accessible at, offers something new to the market. It's Australia's leading boutique baby gift and accessory site. It offers a large range of products, making it easy for one to choose the perfect present.

Another reason to buy from Trendy Tots is the company's dedication to customer satisfaction. The thing about many online retailers is customer service is usually an afterthought. At Trendy Tots, it's a priority for their business.

The team behind the website work hard to make sure customers get what they want and at a good price. They'll also respond to queries fast, and take ownership of any problems one might have. It's no wonder that thousands of satisfied customers return to the site to place new orders!

Baby Gift Baskets

A best-selling range of products on the Trendy Tots website are their baby gift baskets. On offer is a plethora of beautiful and attractive gift sets that are all guaranteed to impress.

For instance, take the Choo Choo shoes and sockets set. It's a stylish and adorable gift idea for a newborn baby or as a baby shower gift. It comes with a pair of locomotive shoes from Softies. Babies grow up fast, and get through shoes quicker than adults do! The shoes in this collection are for ages six to nine months.

Also included in the Choo Choo shoes and sockets set is three pairs of train themed socks. The collection gets presented in a beautiful mini suitcase. What's more, the suitcase is perfect for repurposing as a travel bag or sensory box!

There are many different theme ideas for the baby gift baskets. One can be sure to find a suitable one for any baby!

Play Things

The Trendy Tots site also sells a variety of accessories like toys and plush products for babies. From hand squeakers to rattles, there's an impressive selection on the site.

About Trendy Tots

For those looking for the perfect baby gift idea, there is only one website to check out: Trendy Tots. Founded in 2009, the site boasts an array of products in several categories. From baby gift baskets to toys and clothing to nursery items, they've got it all.

For more information, contact:

Trendy Tots
436 Glenmore Road

Telephone: +61 (0)409 363 554



Trendy Tots

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