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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Melbourne, Australia - United Artworks serves as an online art gallery. Since 2012, they've linked designers with buyers looking for contemporary wall art solutions.

The site's customers are people that want attractive wall art at a good price. United Artworks differ from other sites in its niche in that it offers a flexible service. As a result, that has helped them to become a leader in their field, adding quality and value to the industry. Their website, located at www.unitedartworks.net, is at the heart of their business.

For designers

United Artworks partner with rising stars across the globe. They produce stunning hand-painted and printed designs. What's more, they only create limited editions of their work to sell on the website.

The site also acts as agents for people that request one-off custom artwork from the designers. At United Artworks, flexibility is key to ensuring a good working relationship. They make it easy for designers to sell their work through the site, and to gain recognition for their work.

For buyers

The United Artworks website is well laid out and simple to use. It features stunning artwork from leading designers and rising stars around the world.

Each day, the website gets updated with new wall art and details of new designers. United Artworks also offers a service where their artists can bring an art concept to life. That gives customers the option to request bespoke artwork to adorn their homes.

The support team behind the website work hard to ensure all orders get completed without a hitch. They ensure that their global service offering is nothing short of perfect.

Why use United Artworks?

The website is a popular destination for thousands of artists and buyers alike. It allows designers to showcase their work and offer a secure platform for customers to buy them. What's more, the very nature of the Internet means that it provides a global selling platform.

Buyers love going to the United Artworks website because of its ease of use. They also love that they can select tasteful, contemporary artwork from just one website. The bonus of buying from the United Artworks site is that they don't just offer only artwork. The site offers a service where customers can have acrylic prints of artwork too.

Their industry-leading digital print technology creates prints on 6mm glossy acrylic glass panels. They then get sealed, and UV stabilised. The result? Customers end up with water-resistant prints that are also suitable for the outdoors.

United Artworks also sell cushions with prints from many popular contemporary artworks. They are UV-stable, water and mould resistant too.

About United Artworks

Since 2012, United Artworks have connected well-known and up and coming artists with buyers. Their website allows customers to buy artwork online. The site is also happy to deal with commission requests too.

United Artworks also sells acrylic panels made from popular artwork. One can also get cushions that use the artwork on offer too.

For more information, contact:

United Artworks
8 Commercial Road

Telephone: 1800 880 877

Email: info@unitedartworks.net
Website: https://www.unitedartworks.net


United Artworks

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