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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Los Angeles, California -  The idea of losing a home to foreclosure can be very disturbing and overwhelming. However, homeowners can now get the help they need to get handle the stressful process. It is usually possible to stop foreclosure by hiring an experienced foreclosure lawyer.  A strong  foreclosure attorney  will help a homeowner to keep the home and avoid the liability that is associated with foreclosure.

According to regional statistics, homeowners have a much higher probability of saving their home when they get legal help to stop a foreclosure.  When a homeowner is threatened with foreclosure,

a good foreclosure attorney will know  how to stop foreclosure sale  immediately.  A foreclosure attorney can suggest solutions and provide options to save a home.

A foreclosure attorney is able to do the following:

- Make arguments as to the reason why the homeowner failed to make timely mortgage payments. This should include every circumstance that mitigates the non-payment, such as illness or job loss.

- Fully understand the homeowner’s side of the story, interests, and objectives, personal and financial situation. Make an argument for possible counterclaims and available defenses to a foreclosure.

- Make an assessment of viable alternatives to foreclosure that should be in the best interest of the homeowner. Avoid foreclosure by filing suit against the lender. Zealously defend the interests of the homeowner in all court proceedings and court filings.

- File Bankruptcy to stop foreclosure immediately when other options have been exhausted.

Consumer Action Law Group foreclosure attorney Lauren Rode says “it is always best for a homeowner considering bankruptcy to consult a  foreclosure lawyer  before filing.  Many people don’t realize that a foreclosure can only be stopped temporarily through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  When facing foreclosure, it’s best to file a Chapter 13, so the debt can be restructured in an affordable manner and the homeowner can save the home and resume mortgage payments.”

According to Ms. Rode, “filing bankruptcy can be quite complicated as certain eligibility requirements must be met before filing. This is why it is important to get a foreclosure attorney involved. It is the duty of the attorney to guide the homeowner through the paperwork and every step of the process. Bankruptcy will immediately stop a foreclosure and wipe out debt at the same time.”

The extent to which a foreclosure lawyer can help homeowners who are faced with foreclosure depends on how early the attorney gets involved with the process.   An experienced foreclosure lawyer will protect the homeowner and advocate against the lender to provide alternative options to foreclosure.  The  foreclosure attorneys  at Consumer Action Law Group have years of experience helping California homeowners stop foreclosure and eliminate debt.  They provide free legal advice to individuals who are facing foreclosure.  For a free foreclosure consultation, call (818) 254-8413 or visit their website:

About Consumer Law Action Group

Consumer Law Action Group is a law firm with offices in Los Angeles, dealing with consumer issues such as wrongful foreclosure, auto dealer fraud, and employer violations.  The attorneys within Consumer Law Action Group focus on lender litigation, bankruptcy, and lawsuits against car dealers, as well as claims against employers who violate labor laws.

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