Come December 2015, Music Lovers Will Have a Treat in "Visaplanet", An Album by Artist Stuart Styron

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Copyrights of Visaplanet Will Belong to "A Leaving Reality Production" Founded by Stuart Styron


Great news for music lovers and the news is Stuart Styron, who is known for his improvisations and brilliant creativity, will be bringing out his new album "Visaplanet" during November 2015.

Music lovers are aware that Stuart Styron is very much dissimilar to many conventional artists who meticulously follow the trends that are prevalent instead of trying to set fresh trends. In this scenario, he not only could achieve success but could meet the expectations of fans who always look for fresh music.

Another significant trait of Styron is he is able to move in the music field at a rapid pace, thanks to his brilliant and unique ideas and his energetic performance. It is his dedication towards his art and his passion for music that he is able to reach the level in which people see him now. His creative work is the result of his focus to constantly improvise. He is of the firm opinion that music should open the doors so people can explore the beauty of this universe and can get connected with it and with Nature. Having been born and brought up in Germany and in melancholic surroundings in Germany, he uses his creative skills and poetic sense to compose his lyrics.

Stuart Styron had some temporary differences with the record label "Timezone" and he is now in cooperation with "Finetunes." Copyrights of "Visaplanet" will be with the new official record label "A Leaving Reality Production" that has been founded by Stuart Styron himself.

"A Leaving Reality Production" will be releasing limited number of CD Editions of the album in December 2015. The Hardware/CDs will be available in music stores throughout the world as well as in online shops. Standard variation of the album will be released through "Timezone" during January/February, 2016. The music will be available on spotify also.

The charismatic voice of Stuart Styron in the album and its spacemusic with great refrains are certain to captivate music lovers. Brando Albers, an artist from Canada, has done a splendid work as the producer of the album. Both Stuart Styron and Brando Albers are great musicians and the cooperation between them seems to have produced fascinating music. They have done so well in the past and hence, this album is certain to be a treat for music lovers. Music lovers can expect to get more music in future from this duo.

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