Sample Interview Questions And Answers To Get The Job

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sample Interview Questions And Answers To Get The Job


Looking for some sample Prepare For interview? Here are three common questions that you need to be prepared for. There are tons more that are extremely important, but we'll go over some sample interview questions and answers.

• Why did you leave your last employer?

You should answer it truthfully, but you need to also keep your guard up. They might be looking for a piece of information to exploit. Remember, your future employer is looking for the perfect candidate. If you show any signs of not being that, they simply won't hire you. You need to nail this question by giving them a very confident response, and something that is acceptable. This is one of the more common of the sample job interview questions and answers.

• Have you ever been fired or forced to resign?

Another question which you have to answer truthfully. I would definitely "butter it up" if you have been, though, by saying that they were simply downsizing or merging two departments. However, don't lie. If you were fired or forced to resign for a serious problem I wouldn't lie about it. Don't tell them the reason if you don't have to, but don't volunteer it either. Keeping a good image is very important.

• Have you ever had any problems with a future employer?

There are a few more questions like this one that you need to answer properly. This particular question is a "trick question," though. They expect that you've had a problem in the past with an employer, and if you say you haven't they assume you're lying. So tell them honestly, but don't make it look like it was a serious issue. Tell them that you handled it professionally.

• Why did you choose our company?

Make sure you have at least a little background of the company and the position you are applying to. Look for them in classifieds, magazines or online websites if the company have one or perhaps brochures. You can tell them how satisfied you are with their products and services and how you look forward to upholding this kind of service if given the chance to be part of the company according to the research you've made. It will demonstrate the enthusiasm and eagerness to get the job. This technique will help you a lot.

• What are your hobbies and interests?

The trick is to be honest. For example, if you like watching movies, sports, trekking, or just lolling around your room. See to it that the activities you're interested in shows energy and vigor. If you say you just sit around your living room and watch TV is not productive and shows laziness, there's nothing wrong with it but an will see you as more motivated and gregarious if you like to do more.

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