Foreigners and Expats in the Czech Republic Can Now Get Comprehensive VZP, MAXIMA and SLAVIA Health Insurance from

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The Law of the Czech Republic states that the foreigners and expats living in the country and having the long-term stay permission and the visa, the term of which exceeds the 90-days period, are obliged to have a comprehensive healthcare insurance provided by the Czech insurance companies only. One of the companies that offer medical insurance policies for the foreigners and expats is the is the credible health insurance provider based on the territory of the Czech Republic. They deal with reputable insurance companies that have rich experience in this area and have already proved their professionalism and reliability, thus becoming popular with the expats and foreigners who reside on the territory of the country. Among the companies represents are VZP, MAXIMA, UNIQA and SLAVIA. The reputability of each of them is out of the question, so each client can make use of the medical insurance services they provide on a regular basis.

The VZP is the insurance company with participation of the state. The UNIQA is the member of the largest and the most popular Australian insurance group, while the MAXIMA is a vastly developing insurance company that has already proven to be good at insurance claims termination.

The experts working for underline the following: “Comprehensive medical insurance provided by these companies satisfies all the requirements of the Law concerning Residence of Foreigners on the territory of Czech Republic. It is also accepted by the Departments of the Interior for a long-term prolongation of permission for residence as well as by Czech consulates abroad for obtaining long-term visas for more than 90 days”. It is also reported that these companies specialize at providing pregnancy insurance policies and medical accident insurance suitable for obtaining business, invitation and travel visas.

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About the Company: is a provider of comprehensive health insurance services, which is located on the territory of Czech Republic and has rich experience in this industry. They represent the reliable and trusted insurance companies, which feature professionalism and credibility. These companies are VZP, MAXIMA, UNIQA and SLAVIA. The services they offer satisfy the requirements of the Law concerning Residence of Foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Contact Info:
Address: Václavské square, Subway station Můstek, Highway A, Prague, Czech Republic
Working schedule:
Monday-Thursday: 7:00 - 19:00
Friday: 9:00 - 18:00
Tel.: 224 247 478
Cell phone number: 775 979 995, 774 514 548

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