LLC “Topers Ukraine” Introduces a New Water Soluble Liquid Complex Fertilizer

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - With an extensive assortment of mineral fertilizers available at the market nowadays, it has become not easy to choose the one that meets the safety standards and ensures efficacy and the expected result. Realizing this fact, the LLC “Topers Ukraine” has manufactured and introduced a brand new water soluble liquid complex fertilizer, known as TOPERS.

“Topers Ukraine” is a Limited Liability Company, which is based in Ukraine. It has years of experience in this business and focuses on the production of high quality fertilizers, which are characterized by the high safety rate and the notable efficacy. Recently, the company has manufactured and introduced a brand new product – TOPERS - the water soluble liquid complex fertilizer. The product you can read about here is so safe and eco-friendly that it is rightfully considered a new step to bioperfection. This is what the experts working for the company tell about it: “The main goal of using the TOPERS fertilizer is the improvement of plant nutrition by means of top vegetative plants dressing during early phases of the vegetation period. The use of the 1% TOPERS Concentrate solution makes it possible to provide “soft” vegetative plants top dressing without any damage of the plant tissue. This ensures the intensive stimulation of the most vital plant living processes, which especially concerns respiration and photosynthesis”.

TOPERS is a patented mineral fertilizer manufactured of the natural organic matter, such as manure, dung, poultry dropping, by means of electrolytic dissociation, pressing as well as ionization of the obtained solution by the complex agents. The chemical ingredients contained in the concentrate are phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur etc.

The TOPERS manufacturer also underlines that the water soluble fertilizer can be used in the conditions of artificial roots living spaces, hydroponic growing, greenhouse cropping, dropping irrigation etc. The amount of the fertilizer needed for each process should be calculated individually, taking into account the plant types, the conditions, the size of the territory, the common square under the plants, the cultivating aims etc. “TOPERS is a very flexible fertilizer. Its application makes it possible to obtain high profit under very negligible common expenditures”, - say the representatives of the company.

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About the Company:

“Topers Ukraine” is the Ukraine-based Limited Liability Company, which specializes at manufacturing high quality and eco-friendly fertilizers. Recently, they have introduced the new product – TOPERS. This is the water soluble liquid complex fertilizer, which is considered a new approach to bioperfection. The components of the fertilizer, such as the natural organic matter and the mineral chemical ingredients ensure the powerful stimulation of the most important plant living processes.

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