Mediterranean Diet Book Now Available as eBook and Paperback

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Author Vanessa Olsen is pleased to announce that her latest book “Mediterranean Diet for Beginners – 50 Amazing Recipes for Weight Loss and Improved Health” is available both in paperback and as an eBook through Purchasers of the Mediterranean Diet book also get a free copy of another Olsen book, “Paleo-Everything You Need to Get Started with the Paleo Diet”. There is high praise for the Mediterranean Diet, although many fans have said that it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.

According to purchasers of the Mediterranean Diet for Beginners book, it is a great guide for those who are trying to make the transition to healthy living. The Diet isn't a typical regimen which forces the dieter to restrict foods and count calories. Instead, it guides users into a way of exercising, eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

One satisfied purchaser stated, “I am feeling more healthy and am able to reduce my weight. While on the diet, I don't feel so hungry for food. My energy levels are increasing tremendously. I am sleeping more pleasantly and I am feeling much younger now.”

Following the eating plan as recommended by the Mediterranean Diet reduces the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer. Studies are presented in the book to support this conclusion. Important principles in the book are easing readers into the lifestyle and promoting an appreciation for good food. People are brought together and the bodies of those who eat healthy foods are enriched.

The book teaches readers how to remove unhealthy foods from the menu and replace them with meals that will improve well-being. The ingredients in the recipes can be conveniently purchased in local outlets. Easy-to-follow recipes make the transition into eating the Mediterranean Diet way a smooth one.

More than just diet recipes, the book includes an introduction to the theories and concepts which should be considered before beginning this type of diet. This information serves as a way to enhance the determination to make a change in direction in eating habits.

Author Vanessa Olsen is a graduate of Ryerson's prestigious School of Nursing and works as a sports nutritionist. As part of her work, she educates athletes on diet, nutrition and exercise. She says that it is important to consider each athlete's lifestyles, eating habits, training schedules, medications and supplements before designing an action plan.

Author: Vanessa Olsen
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