US Craft Beer Now Available Throughout China

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The recent photo of President Xi Jin Ping enjoying a craft ale with Prime Minister David Cameron while in the United Kingdom has sparked a lot of interest regarding craft beer in China. After all China is the largest beer market in the world and has an ever-expanding middle class who is keen to experience new foods and drinks.

Craft Beer is traditional made in small batches using locally sourced ingredients without the use of any preservatives, at the actual alehouse where it is consumed. The flavors vary as the seasons change with traditional recipes include Real Ales, Indian Pale Ales, Roasted Ales, Summer Ales & Farmhouse Ales.

While the phenomenon of locally brewed craft beer has swept the western world it has been slow to establish in China. This is partially due to strict government regulations in China regarding food safety laws in establishing a microbrewery. As well as the rules relating to how and where craft beer can be distributed and consumed.

The locally brewed craft beer market in Beijing is dominated by Great Leap Brewery great leap brewing who are the standard bears for the craft beer Industry in China. While in Shanghai, the Boxing Cat Brewery box in cat brewery have long been seen as the market leaders.

In the rest of China some niche microbreweries have popped up. Quite often they are not properly licensed and offer brews that are unfortunately inconsistent in quality, similar in taste to a home brew.

Merchants & Co, have emerged as the largest importer of craft beers into China. They import an extensive range of high quality craft beers from the UK BrewDog the makers of the famous Punk IPA. And also are importing range a of Rogue Ales from the USA .

McCawley's one of the best Restaurants & Bars in Guangzhou and recent winner of Bar Of The Year in the prestigious PRD Food & Beverage Awards Ceremony have stocked an extensive range of draft-imported craft beers specifically selected to suit the Chinese market. McCawley’s can also be found in Shenzhen having 3 outlets there.

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