Ontario Hydro Rates Soar High; House Inspectors Recommend Bill Saving Measures

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Toronto, CA-11/26/15. In recent events after Halloween, electricity charges in Ontario just rose by 3.4%, another high since the smart meters became common in households half a decade ago. It’s expected to rise to another record high of 10% or more in 2 months, where peak usage doubles due to the holidays.

Many residents are not happy about the trend but the OEB (Ontario Energy Board) cites various causes for the hike including an equal upsurge in power generation in their nuclear and hydro-electric plants. Meanwhile, leading Toronto home inspector, InspectMyHouse.ca has recommendations on best ways to save on hydro bill costs especially for fixed income earners.

First on the list of know-hows include weather-proofing or insulation especially for the upcoming winter season. Any use of heating equipment must not be wasted by proper usage of weather-strips in key places such as AC and doors. Other considerations on the list include:

• Cooking – electric stove cooking is better while toasters and proper thawing time contributes too
• Laundry – washers are more efficient with less detergent. Pre-soaking is advised and clothesline drying; more environmental. Washing is recommended during off-peak hours.
• Thermostat – programming to lower temps on winter saves as much as $15
• Refrigerators – Energy star fridges are budget conscious while -18°C freezer temperature is enough.
• Lighting – LED bulbs has been known to the world as more efficient in energy use and shelf-life
• Ceiling fans – using this instead of AC this winter boosts savings
• Shower – shorter showers in the morning saves 30 cents compared to longer baths
• Dishwashing – off-peak hour usage is also advisable to cut down costs

Lastly, they recommend to make wise use of electric appliances used on a daily basis such as computers and TV sets. According to an official company representative “when you use electronic equipment and don’t unplug them, they create phantom power because it still uses some amount of electricity at a lower state. Over periods of time, this too becomes significant so if you can unplug anything after usage, the better for your bill saving measures.”

Navid Aghili, Founder of Inspect My House, further adds that using power bars where all the gadgets and appliances are connected to is economical to use because it can be easily switched off at once to save time and energy at the same time.

Home inspectors in Toronto are used to queries on how to become better at saving on hydro bills especially now that the rate hike trend is probably only getting higher yearly. At InspectMyHouse.ca, they aim to help local Toronto homeowners cope with the rising demands of the electric bill rates so they can use their hard-earned money elsewhere in more important matters such as education and food consumption.

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